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Why book a Fly / Self Drive

Why Book a Fly / Self Drive?

Far from a mere instrument of transportation, the car has been an American icon for almost a century, often being treated with more affection than the owner’s family! So it seems entirely appropriate that one of the best ways to experience California is to take to the road yourself. There is something liberating and exciting about driving in America, the wide open roads that stretch as far as they eye can see spur you on to discover more of this vast continent of dramatic contrasts. Driving here is easy and best of all there are always lots of places to pull out in scenic areas like the Pacific Coast Highway or when you spot a bear in Yosemite National Park. All rental cars are automatic which even if you drive a manual car at home like me is very easy to adjust to, in fact it’s one element that helps you to relax and enjoy the experience. All vehicles are air conditioned and very few are more than 12 months old so comfort and reliability is assured for those long drives. Here at Complete North America we passionately believe in pre-arranged driving programs. Some might say they like the ‘Flexibility’ to go as they please, book accommodation as they travel so when they find somewhere nice they can stop longer. Well that’s all well and good but consider this first. Most of us travel for 2 weeks at a time, which when visiting some of the vast areas of North America is not a long time. It makes no sense to be wasting any of this time driving along the wrong routes or looking for suitable accommodation when there is so much to see. You may well find places that you think ‘Oh I’d really like to stay longer here’,Driving1 I do pretty much everywhere I go! But if you do you don’t know what you are missing… the next stop we suggest is likely to be just as worthwhile a place to visit, we wouldn’t suggest it if it wasn’t. So the key is finding that balance, giving you long enough to enjoy and experience an area without compromising the opportunity to see all other areas that any region has to offer. Added to that is the financial protection you enjoy booking it with us, our expert advice on where to stay and someone to do all the donkey work in booking, confirming and paying hotels so everything is ready for you on arrival.

A few little tips I’ve picked up whilst driving in America you might find useful are that many gas stations are either pay at the pump with a credit card or you generally have to go to the cashier and pre-pay before you fill up. Paying at the pump with the credit card is very easy. The biggest tip I guess is remembering that at a crossroad intersection you can generally turn right on a red light if no traffic is coming across your path. If you are not allowed to do it then there will be a sign saying as much otherwise assume you can. Take your own Sat Nav or rent one from us, I have found that having my Sat Nav, maps and good directions on which roads are the best to take for sightseeing is the best combination for a really great driving experience.

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Account Manager

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